Advances in Sorption Based Thermal Devices

    Belarussian-Indian Scientific Seminar “Advances in Sorption Based Thermal Devices” was held in 2004 to review the current status, developments and trends in the sorption- based technologies and applications. More than 30 specialists in the area of sorption machines and technology of Belarus and India took part in the Seminar. Sorption forms a part of many thermal processes such as thermal energy storage, gas storage and compression, heat pumping, refrigeration, gas purification, separation of gases, etc. A very large range of capacities and operation conditions can be covered by sorption techniques with proper selection of sorbents. Powder compacts, encapsulation, slurries, fluidization, nano materials, etc. have increased the possibilities of efficient employment of sorption processes to new applications such as hydrogen storage, fuel cells, heat pipes, etc. Most of the currently used thermal energy conversion devices contribute to polluting the atmosphere. Improving energy efficiencies and adapting suitable working fluids and fuels can significantly contribute to the mitigation of interrelated energy and environmental problems. Process miniaturization is a novel design tendency which aims at revolutionizing process engineering by revisiting the fundamentals of fluid dynamics and transport phenomena. Numerous advantages of this technology attract attention of European and Asian processing industries.

Coordinators of the Seminar

Prof. Leonard L. Vasiliev

Porous Media Laboratory

Heat and Mass Transfer Institute, Minsk, Belarus

Prof. S. Srinivasa Murthy

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

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