Porous Media Laboratory - Projects
INTAS Ref. No :06-1000024-8916, France

Project Title :”Advance grooved heat pipe for space satellite thermal control system”, 2007-2008

Contract with Angstore Technology Ltd., Israel

Technology Development and transfer Agreement for “ANG storage balloon sorbent materials and thermal control system”, 2003-2004

Contract N J053/2000 CXSDC 3-120, China Xinshidai Company, China Institute of Space-Medico & Engineering, Beijing, China

“The sublimating heat exchanger R & D for the cosmonaut suit”, 2000-2001

Contract with Empresa Brasilieira De Compressores Sa –Embraco, Brazil

Collaboration Agreement for NEX Cooling solutions (Heat Pipe heat exchangers for cooling solution), 2000-2001

Contract with Samsung Electro-Mechanics CO, Ltd., Semco, Korea

Technology development and transfer agreement “For miniature heat pipes”, 2000

Inco Contract IC20-CT98-0403, France

Associated Contract to the INCO Contract IC20-CT98-0403 (Associated to the JOULE Contract JOE3-CT98-055); “New Sorption systems for air-conditioning in buildings”, 1999-2000


Solid sorption refrigerator for the electronic equipment cooling, 1998

Thermal Technology Centre, Monreal/ Ottawa, Canada

ESA/ESTEC Contract Nr. 12460/97/NL/PA,


Chemical heat pump bread-board project, 1998


Solid sorption machines with heat pipes heat exchangers for heat transfer enhancement and thermal control, 1997

Hytronics Enterprise and ARC International, Hyderabad, India

R & D on solid sorption refrigerators “BELIN” and “BELIN 1”, Ice making machines, coolers and heat pumps, 1996

European Commission, PECO 1994, CEEC/NIS participation in Non-Nuclear Energy (Joule 2) program

Contract Nr. ERBCIPDCT940515

Improved evaporation heat transfer surfaces for cost-effective compact heat exchangers for the process industries, 1995-1996

Asian Electronics, Ltd., ARC International, Hyderabad, India

R & D on solid sorption refrigerators, ice making machines, coolers and heat pumps, 1994

Thermacore, Inc. USA

R & D waste heat driven solid sorption electronic cooler and heat pump, 1993

Dornier, Deutsche Aerospace, Dornier GmgH, Germany

Review on flexible thermal links design, performance and Application, 1993

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