Interrepublican scientific association "Heat Pipes", hereinafter referred to as "Association", a non-profit organization founded in 1997, aimed at the dissemination of scientific information and research results related to the heat pipes.

    The purpose of the Association is to promote the most comprehensive satisfaction of requirements of the Republic of Belarus and other republics in heat pipes and products based on them, the objects using them, goods and services.

    Objectives of the Association:

  • Consolidate and develop mutually beneficial relationships between researchers, developers, manufacturers and consumers of heat pipes and products based on them, objects using them in the Republic and abroad
  • Promote research with design and technological development aimed at creating new designs and manufacturing technologies of heat pipes, objects of new technology, environmental protection, energy conservation, improve product quality and productivity
  • Accelerating the introduction of scientific and technological achievements, advanced technologies and materials
  • Professional development of scientific and engineering staff

    The subject of the Association's activities is the creation and development of Belarus and CIS (The Commonwealth of Independent States) heat pipes and products based on them; search for partners, exhibitions, seminars and conferences; direct links with organizations and enterprises of foreign countries with the aim of creating and implementing heat pipes.

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