-Study of heat and mass transfer processes in heat pipes (miniature, micro contour, sorption, pulsation heat pipes, with sintered power structure, with longitudinal grooves, with micro-and nano-dimensional porous coatings, heat pipes of large length, vapor dynamic thermal siphons, etc.);

-Study of heat and mass transfer processes in the sorption systems for heat and cold generation. Development and testing of heat pumps and refrigerators for systems of energy co-generation and tri-generation with heat utilization of alterative energy sources (soil, subsoil waters, solar radiation energy, water ponds) and secondary energy resources (exhaust gases of boilers and furnaces, waster water and steam of thermoelectric power stations and boilers);

-Design of storage and transportation systems of natural gas, hydrogen, and ammonia in the sorbent-bounded state at low pressure; Numerical modeling of heat and mass transfer processes in gas tanks on the basis of the two-dimensional non-equilibrium model;

-Experimental investigation of heat transfer involving boiling and evaporation of hydrocarbon in mini-channels with a porous nano-coating. Development of calculation methods of heat and mass transfer at evaporation in a porous coating;

-Investigation of the processes of heat and mass transfer at vacuum-sorption drying of wood, at vacuum conductive-sorption drying of medical preparations.

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